Angel International Trans Sp. z o.o. (w organizacji)

Company description:

Elevators, Escalators, Conveyors, Scales, and Weighing Machinery, Special Transportation Equipment, Transport and forwarding, Forwarding, Cargo transport, Transport by ship, Shipping Boxes, Cargo & Storage, Bus traffic, Tour transporters, Line bus traffic, International line bus traffic, Courier Transport, Air freighters, Limousine Service, Logistic služby, Freight, Truck Freighters, Oversized Goods Transport, Other Freighters, Towing Services, Cab Services, Railway Freighters, Delivering and Postal Services, Messenger Service, Transport by personal cars, Transport by microbuses, Healthcare Transport Services, Transportation Projects

  • Contact details

    Address: Angel International Trans Sp. z o.o. (w organizacji)
    Słoneczna 30
    Słupia pod Kępnem, 63-604, Poland
    Telefon: Tel. +48  502346944
    E-mail: Add email
    WWW: Add www
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